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Monday, March 23, 2009

Michael Jackson to Adapt a Little Boy?

Say it aint so. I think adapting children is a great thing to do but not when you're Michael Jackson! You have a not so great rap sheet Mike. Even if the allegations were never true, it would be best for you to just take care of the children you already have. Where the hell is Blanket? No one has seen him for years. Did you leave him in a tree Mike? Hee Hee. SMH I'ma need you to get it together.

This is the equivalence of R.Kelly adopting a 15 year old girl.... [I had to throw him in there] We mustn't forget what that S.O.B. did.

UPDATE: MJ died...R.I.P. to him. I realyl was and still am I fan. Man was a genius.


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