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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is It Fate? Part II

I'm on my way to school and I see him, yet again. He sits down in the empty seat next to me and I greet him with a smile and take out my earphones. This time around, it seems awkward. He was noticeably nervous and I'm just sitting there in my own world. I keep my ear buds out just in case he says something. He doesn't. Out of boredom, I take out my cellphone, send out a couple of text messages, and update my twitter. Minutes pass and I still feel a sense of awkwardness. I'm reluctant to put my ear buds back in and listen to my music because I find that quite rude. I take my cellphone out again and start to play Need for Speed. Ha! That caught his attention. He starts drooling over the fact that I have that game on my phone. He takes out his iPhone and shows me some Need for Speed imitation game called Fast Lane. Just as it becomes less awkward, my stop is here. As I get up and say "Latah," I notice his eyes are concentrated on my backside. Smh. Just like a guy; to drool over a video game & stare at my ass. Shame.


BDot: The Inspirmentalist said...

cars and culo...what more can a guy ask for? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

aye aye AYE!!!! Ain't nothing wrong with video games and booty. No shame in that at all.