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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I <3 Gays

Random post. I'm surrounded by homophobic people. Family's Jamaican so you know they're motto is "Battyman fi dead" ...I told my brother I went to the Gay Pride parade last summer and he almost had a heart attack. SMH @ the ignorance. They don't realize that a hundred years ago white people felt the same way about us...and some still do. Progression is ftw..so get with it!

We had a discussion in my Anthropology class about whether gays should be able to get married. The answer was obvious to me. ["Why the hell not?"] ..But some super religious lady felt very different. She started talking about how God hates gays (gee wiz what an awesome Christian you are) and how if we allow gays to marry than they should allow people to marry dogs. Ouch. Comparing a gay person to an animal...a dog at that. What a great person you are. Yeah you'll defiantly make it to heaven. PFFFT!

People are people, point muhfukkin blank. You don't have to agree with their lifestyle (as if they chose it in the first place) but do you have to deny them basic human rights? Ponder on that!

And now I leave you with the single most gayest video in history.

PS - I have no respect for the down low homosexuals. Do like Beanie Seigal said! ("You might as well come all the way out the closet homeboy")


Anonymous said...

gayest video EVER. Lol, yeah I have a jamaican side, and we are like the most homophobic culture; dead serious.

El Guapo said...

Well, my outlook is that if a dude is a Pee-Pee smoocher, thats his business i guess. Whatever. People should be able do whatever they want. But, i will say that the flamboyant gay men were NOT born with the fruity strut and the lisp, and they are just trying to stick it in peoples faces, and i do find that a bit annoying. Yeah, OK, your gay, we get it.( i see that shit way more often than most because of geographical reasons)

I also do not think children should see two dudes in cutoff shorts french kissing on the street corner. It can be funny seeing the flamboyancy, but try living in San Francisco. The novelty gets old real quick.

what an excellent ending to your editorial Sharice-"and i now leave you with the single most gayest video ever"....SO FUNNY! Your a good writer.

p.s.- You called people opposing gay marriage, and Christians, basically ignorant.
Barack Obama Opposes Gay Marriage and is a Christian. jus sayin.