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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Anecdote: Kids These Days

I'm babysitting two of my little cousins and they give me some insight to what kids are thinking these days. I'm not going to put their real names on here so lets call them Travis and Tiara. So we're in the car on our way home from eating breakfast at nasty ass IHOP (I'll speak more on this "restaurant" later) and little Tiara plays Chris Brown on her cellphone. Keep in mind that Tiara is 11 and Travis is 12. So Travis says "Why are you playing that woman beater on your phone?" ....Little Tiara loudly says, in the most ghetto-est form of speech, "I love Chris Brown! I'm glad he beat up Rihanna. I cant stand her. She ugly!" ....As shame takes over my face Travis yells, "How can you say that? No man should hit a girl"...That boy got some sense yall. So the conversation goes on and I try my hardest to not say anything and just listen to what the little rascals think. At the same time though, its hard for me to sit quiet and not correct the ignorance coming out of Tiara's mouth. Then they get to talking about Beyonce. "Beyonce's fine" says Travis. Tiara quickly retorts,"Beyonce mad old. Shes like 45." I chuckled. "I don't know what Jay-Z sees in her", she continues. "Only good thing about Jay-Z is that he's gonna own the Nets in a few years and get Lebron James on that team." says little Travis...I have no idea if that's really true. I know nothing of sports. "I would only marry Jay-Z for his money then leave him cause he mad ugly too," Tiara says.

Now, Travis is a smart kid. He is well-mannered and does very good in school. - (a private school at that) .... But little Tiara has a weak upbringing. Her mom is a straight up BIRD. I mean the type of chick that has a man's name tatted on her breast (she really does , actually) ...Probably has an "insert here" tattoo on her ass but her tattoos arent the point. Tiara's aunt is two years older than her. Her grandmother is only in her late forties and they all live together. Tiara doesn't have any good role models in her home so she turns to those she sees on television. I'm not talking about a good role model like Raven Symone either. Tiara idolizes Ciara, Lady GaGa, and the Pussycat Dolls. She talks openly about how she has stolen 50 dollars from her teacher. She's my cousin and I feel like shes on a bad path but I also don't know what to do about it. I mean I could take her under my wing but I think shes wayyy too far gone for that. She has serious behavioral issues and I don't have the patience for it. Id beat the shit out of her in a hurry but that's not what she needs. That little girl needs love.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think I should do.


BDot: The Inspirmentalist said...

......she need her ass beat...then a hug and some cocoa afterwards...plain and simple


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