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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bitchassness Everywhere !

Lately some of the hip hop guys have been showing their queen sides by displaying bitch ass behavior ! 50 Cent , Soulja Boy , Bow Wow , Chris Brown, Diddy and lets just throw Kanye in there...yall a bunch of bitch ass men ! Here's my rant:

My Open Letter to 50 Cent: Ugh where do I start. I never liked your ass. When everyone was bumping their heads to Wanksta I was wondering to myself who is this silver back gorilla with a speech impediment. Still though, I gave you a chance. I listened to your entire album (the bootleg of course) and I liked some of the songs but I just still couldn't stand you. Fast forward a couple of years. You went at one of my favorite rappers: Jadakiss. Now Jada could have easily ripped you apart but was strongly advised not to. That made me even more mad. Jada would kill you in any form...freestyle or written...but Jada was left looking like a bitch. At that point I hated you're ass even more. FF to present day. Now you're going at Rick Ross. I don't give two shits about grizzly bear Ross but I cant help but think that your antics are just NOT funny. Hopefully you get what your ass deserves. Bullet Bullet! =) ... sorry that's the Jamaican part of me talking.

Soulja Boy - Um...I don't need to write a whole paragraph on WHY he's a bitch. I think its quite evident.

My Open Letter to Bow Wow - Poor Bow Wow. Going through a little identity crisis there aren't ya buddy? I know you want people to see you as a grown man but I cant get the image of you with your little braids "rapping" -- "Hair nappy but I'm happy, pockets full of dough" .... smh Doing sex scenes aren't going to shake me of that image Bow Wow. That just makes me think you are trying wayyy too hard to prove yourself. You'll always be a lame little hot head.

My Open Letter to Chris Brown - Lawd Jebus (not a typo...I said JeBus) where do I begin. You're another one I couldn't stand from the beginning. You're only talent is that you can dance. [CB fans listen to the song Run It again. I dare you to tell me this dude can sing] .. Anywho you're just eye candy for these little teenage girls that don't know talent. Congratulations on that pal. Btw I hope you do jail time for assaulting Rihanna. Hopefully Big Dawg and Dirty Hammer from the state pen can help you get rid of that lisp. - [Sidenote: You know what they say about guys with lisps right? Um....You're gay. Google that] - Smh @ Chris' dad saying that true fans wouldn't leave him over a black eye...MA DUDE ARE U SERIOUS????........If you re a Chris Brown fan and you just refuse to leave his side I hope you realize that you are saying that its okay for a man to abuse a woman. Therefore, don't come-a-crying when your man Chris Brownie's yo ass (that's new slang for 'beat the shit out of you')

Kanye West - Gee Wiz. This guy is complaining yet again about yet another awards show. STFU already. Damnit...hasn't the loss of two people close to you given you some humility?...humbleness, perhaps?....Guess NOT. SMH

My Open Letter to Diddy -

You are a bitch for creating the term "bitchas
sness" as a ploy to label other men whom happen to have homosexual tendencies when it is you , in fact, that is the homosexual. Trying to devert the attention huh? You disgust me. You are legendary miss honey ! - [That means he has a long rap sheet of homosexual encounters] .. Now, don't get me wrong...I love the gays. I just cant stand you down low men who corrupt my little brothers into thinking wearing skinny jeans and pink scarves is fly while you sleep with women who have no gaydar and have them suck your dick after its been in a man's.....you know where im going with that. You are a liar and a snake. One of these days you're gonna get whats coming to you too. Btw when are you gonna tell us about what REALLY happened the night Biggie died? Okay I'm done ranting. Just had to get that out. Btw 60% of the men in hip hop are a bunch of queens**. SMH @ that !!

**I made that statistic up. but seriously...rock starts go harder than some of you punk ass rappers. ____________________________________________________________

Before I forget....Remember when Jay-Z's ex best friend from Marcy Projects blasted him? Said him and Jay got burned from fucking the same girl. Ahh so that's when you got herpes huh Jay? Then you passed that shit like its a blunt. I always wondered why Beyonce married you. You two always seem so distant from each other. Like yall don't care about one another. I remember seeing pictures of Beyonce walking two steps behind Jay on NUMEROUS occasions. I wish I would walk 2 steps behind a man. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE ! ...... So now you're stuck Beyonce. You're a pretty girl (not gorgeous...I've seen you up close in person) ...But how many rich, well established men would want a pretty girl who's a complete airhead with halitosis AND herpes? ... One: A camel known as Jay Z . . . . I hope you two are happy together =) ... I'm still a tad upset that he passed the herp onto my girl Rihanna though. Ugh. Look, I wouldn't have slept with him but Rihanna was desperate. She wanted money and fame and who else is gonna put you on the map like Jay Z can ? ... Hopefully you learned your lesson RiRi. Slow yo fast ass down ! _______________________________________________________________


Anonymous said...

HAHA nice post Sharice. I'm not mad at Hova though. Worst comes to worst, i'm sure he spends a little of B's money and saves the stacks upon stacks he has. Use some of that old Destiny's Child money for movin the Nets to BK. Do what works Jigga.....do what works.