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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Poetry

I was going through my Book of Poetry today and I JUST now realized how messed up I used to be. A lot of my poems are very sad and depressing. As happy as I am, I think if I were to write a poem right now it would still be sad. I've tried writing happy poems but they don't seem to come out right. Im obviously not going to post some of my deeper more personal poems but here's a couple of my faves...


My heart is numb
I'm unable to feel
Unable to love and
Unable to heal
I'm dying inside
My organs to sleep..
Everlasting love
I shall not keep
Although I want it
It doesnt want me
So now that love
I cease to seek
So now here I am
Numb and alone
A caution blanket
My fear has sewn

This poem is my heart. Took a bit longer to write since I had to make sure every line had 9 syllables each...but it was worth it =]


I'm in a depressive state of mind
In the dark you are no longer blind
So now I should be able to see
But I can't; there is no light for me
I am in total isolation
And in degrees of separation
But maybe because I want to be
I can't see, there is no light for me
Where has all of my happiness gone?
Why has it been hidden for so long?
They say "eternal beauty is key"
None of that, there is no light for me
Change of emotions in an instant
Love and tender care is so distant
Now it's time to pray on bending knee
No answer, there is no light for me
Still there are no smiles and no laughter
All an emotional disaster
No one understands, nor he or she
How could they? There is no light for me
Bring the person who can stop my cries
They must be special to dry my eyes
But for a blessing, there is a fee
God tell me, where is the light for me?
Is my light were I least expect it?
Maybe my light has been neglected
Now I see, no more a mystery
As always, the light resides in me


dyeve said...

wow..you have a beautiful themplate with interesting posts..And the poetry are just beautiful
Congrats!..Youre a creative person..

Dave said...

Numb is raw, and real. I've been like that for a long time til recently. I finally realized that I was looking in the wrong direction for my light. My son has opened my world up to the sun and the beauty that love displays. Beautiful writing, hermosa!

Shy said...

Thanks Guys <3 Appreciate it!

poetic seeo said...

These poems are dope. Written pretty well and creative too. I like how the second poem ends. Scrolling down and reading it, i just knew it was gonna be a sad ending but OH THERE'S A REVERSE!!!! Good job.

Nem Zero said...


I love introspective poems like this. Even when the expression is painful it's relieving to get out. Good job on these.

Shy said...

awww Thanks Nem & Seeo =]

Anonymous said...

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