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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I <3 Sacha Baron Cohen

Yes, this is true. Ever since Ali G (the series.. I hated the movie) I've just loved him. No show has ever had me dying so hard laughing* like Ali G has =)....Ahh and then there was Borat. Most of my friends thought it was stupid...

[Let me stray off topic real quick. Half of my friends are too stiff to really appreciate a move like Borat. The other half are too slow to understand the humor. Went right over their heads. SMH]

....But I loved Borat. Every single part of it. That movie is EPIC!..But now I cant wait for Bruno!! I just saw the movie trailer. I think I might like this more than I liked Borat just because Bruno is gay! Nothing is more funny than uncomfortable homophobes hahahhahaha

*That's a lie....My Wife & Kids has had me dying laughing too but not as consistently as Ali G ^.^

UPDATE: I saw the first 20 minutes of this movie....A MESS. LOL Maybe I'll sit down and watch the whole thing one day.......one day.


Pyerse said...

Great site, I probably wouldnt watch Bruno, I get tired of the wierd gay-guy jokes.